Tuesday, December 4, 2012

High School Class Sizes

Since I haven't been to Gramothe since before Isaac was born (and he's 2 months old now), I am deprived of interaction with my students and also having stories to share. (when I started this post I still hadn't been up to Gramothe, but I went to church on Sunday so I have technically been there since Isaac was born)

So, I snatch up any papers my husband brings home and work hard to decode them. They're all in French, remember. I'm constantly asking him if anything interesting has happened at school... the answer is almost always no. (the punk!)

This week I found a list of the class sizes. The high school numbers are down a little this year, but I'm not complaining. Teaching a class of 50 students is really challenging. Without further ado, here are the high school class sizes (some of them are approximations--since the paper with the actual numbers disappeared I had to try to remember them all).

7th grade: 50 students (always a big class)
8th grade: 32 students
9th grade: 30 students
10th (freshmen): 25 students
Seconde 11th (sophomores): 25 students
Rheto 12th (juniors): 32 students
Philo 13th (seniors): 11 students

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