Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Canadian Friends

For the past week there has been a five person Canadian team staying at the guest house. The team is comprised of three high school seniors named Audra, Ashley, and Hessey plus Audra's dad and grandpa. I have been able to spend a lot of time with the girls. The first day they were here, they sat in on part of my after school computer class. The next day we all went to Dumay together (that will have to be a separate post), and for the past two days they've walked to Gramothe with me and helped in my classes. I've really enjoyed having them around and am sad to see them leave today.

My new friends have more energy than I will ever hope to have. They are constantly running around with the little kids, conversing with the high school students, and helping in general. They practically run up the mountain, and they even convinced me to take the shortcut (goat trail) going down to the riverbed! (It wasn't bad at all, and I'm planning to take it today when I walk up by myself.)

These girls were able to experience more of Haiti than most team members. Part of that is because there were only three of them (the dad and grandpa worked on some maintenance work for us). Another factor is that they were not working in the clinc. Medical teams really only see what happens in the clinic, but these girls were free to go to Dumay for a day and to visit Laboule Children's Home another day. Plus, they were willing to do anything. I loved their humility and servant's hearts.

 For whatever reason, the girls decided they should help with the laundry at Laboule. I think the kids REALLY appreciate the help.

 Ashley volunteered her time a little differently, but the girls also appreciated her willingness to "help" them by sitting still.

I couldn't resist posting this picture. One of the kids from Laboule snapped it, and I think it's perfect! I know it looks like there's a little romance going on here, but I'm certain there wasn't anything romantic happening.

I'm sad to see my new Canadian friends return to Canada today. What a blessing they were to the villages of Gramothe and Dumay!!

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