Wednesday, February 19, 2014

degaje, what I learned in Haiti

At the beginning of the school year I started drinking coffee every day. Waking up at the (butt) crack of dawn forces a person to find ways to keep their eye lids open so early in the morning.

Before we moved into our apartment I picked up a few essential items at a place called The Depot (it's my new favorite store--a Mennonite thrift shop in Goshen). A coffee pot and a toaster oven were my two proudest purchases. 

Unfortunately, I dropped our coffee pot as we were moving in and it shattered into a million little pieces, along with my dreams of drinking coffee in the mornings. 

BUT! using a skill I learned in Haiti, I was able to find a solution to my very grave problem. Behold, my solution to having a coffee maker but no coffee pot:

I effectively used this small sauce pan to degaje, or used my resources to fix my problem. Thankfully my grandma sent us an extra coffee pot she had and we don't have to use this pan anymore. 

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