Monday, February 24, 2014

17 months

I can't believe Isaac is no longer a baby. He is clearly a little man at this point. The last 17 months have flown by!

Isaac loves eating, climbing, yelling, singing, and watching birds. He is very social, but doesn't like being dropped off at daycare or the church nursery, even though he gets over it pretty quickly. His favorite foods are french fries and cake or cookies--it makes no difference as long as it's sweet! He can take things off of the table and the kitchen counters. He enjoys emptying both cupboards and baskets or boxes. He is a good helper when it's time to put the groceries away and a terrible helper when it's time to fold laundry. 

His vocabulary expands daily. Common words we hear around here are: up, get down, dog, Da, Mimmy, wawo (zwazo=bird in creole), book, rye (to sing Rise and Shine), ball, more, ji (for drink), tank oo, cat, nose, eye, and ungy (for hungry). He knows the signs for more, please, hungry, and maybe one other word. 

Isaac LOVES music and tractors. 

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