Wednesday, April 9, 2014


I regularly dream of Haiti. Sometimes my dreams are more like memories from when we lived there, but most of the time my dreams are set in the future.

Recently I read about a missionary in Liberia who started a soap making business with some of the people he is working with. They are able to produce 1200 bars of soap in a day and the soap makers and sellers are able to make $10 USD each day that they work, which is double what a decent job would pay there. I think it's pretty amazing. The missionary blogs at Definitely check it out!

Anyway, his post about soap got me thinking. I'm wondering if something like that could work in Haiti, so now I am in full research mode on all things soap making. I even found a place in Ft. Wayne that offers classes in soap making. So on the first Saturday of summer vacation, I am going to learn the basics of making soap. I'm hoping to learn enough to be able to try the process out when we visit Haiti this summer. (I'm counting down until we get our feet back on the island! I miss that place.)

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