Saturday, November 24, 2012

Unusual Requests

If you are coming to Haiti in the coming months and you are interested in bring donations with you, consider bringing something from the following unusual requests. 

  • feminine sanitary napkins--in the past the school office has kept a supply of sanitary napkins that the girls can ask for when they need them. This year, Arold hasn't had any to give out. If you'd like to help with this very real need, please bring a package of maxi pads with you.
  • colorful grocery bags (like Wal-mart bags)--I am teaching some students to crochet and we have some projects we'd like to do with plastic yarn made from these bags. We have access to white plastic bags here, but would like some with color.
  • light weight fabric--we also have some crochet projects in mind that can be made with fabric. If you find yourself in a store that sells fabric by the yard, check out the clearance section for us. Or, if you have bed sheets you no longer need, we can use those as well. We don't need anything beautiful. In fact I used an ugly brown fabric to make a toy basket for Isaac and I think it looks pretty awesome. 
(our hope is that the students can sell the crochet projects and use the money to buy more supplies to crochet with, but getting the initial supplies is what we need help with.)

And, thanks in advance for thinking of our students!

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  1. If we end up coming back this spring, let me know if you still need stuff--we'd be glad to bring some things down!