Thursday, August 30, 2012

We're still alive!

Hi friends and family.

We're still alive. We promise.

Friday night Tropical Storm Isaac blew over Haiti. It was... intense. Friday afternoon it rained and rained, but the wind didn't pick up until the evening.

We were safe and dry (except for some water that sneaked through a window and got the tile floor wet), but we could hear a tin rough flapping in the wind during the night. We're sure that family didn't make it through the night dry.

Saturday brought more rain and some wind, but the not the crazy variety of the night before. By 3pm he sun was trying to peek through the clouds and the rain had stopped. We ventured out of our house to get a 1000 piece puzzle from the guest house. (The internet was out and we needed something to keep us busy.) It rained again that night, but sans wind. Our neighborhood had branches and trees down, but no serious damage.

We have seen some of the pictures from other areas of Haiti--mostly the tent camps that are on much lower ground. Our hearts break for them.

I came across this blog this morning that talks about Weathering Isaac in other neighborhoods in Haiti.

Keep praying for this island and the people who call it home.

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