Thursday, April 12, 2012

Calculator Class

The team from Illini Life Christian Fellowship that I talked about in March brought 24ish (I can't remember how many exactly) graphing calculators with them to leave for the school. They spent some time each afternoon that they were here showing the students how to use the calculators. I popped in and out of the class just to make sure everyone was behaving, but tried not to spend too much time in there. It was ridiculously hard math, and I am an English teacher for a reason. 

Mr. Jay teaches physics at a public high school in the States, so he was in charge of teaching the lessons.

Here I was wrangled by the students into "helping" them with the calculator. Notice the look of utter confusion on my face.

And here's Kirk, a smarty pants who is getting a masters in something math/science I can't even say it's so complicated! He was a really nice guy, but when he started talking about science or math, I just zoned out.

All pictures are courtesy of the Illini team. I imagine all of these photos were from Matt Phebus and his fancy camera, but I don't know that for certain.

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