Monday, February 6, 2012

English Class Text

Here's a text I worked on with my upper level students a couple of weeks ago. Several of the students told me they really enjoyed it.

The Farmers' Market
On Saturdays, the Smiths go to the farmers' market. They like to visit the vendors. Alex Smith always goes to the hot food vendors for lunch. His children love to eat the fruit. Alex's father usually buys some sweets and lemonade. The lemonade is very sour.
Nina Smith likes to buy herbs and vegetables. Today she is buying avocados. The market worker counts eight avocados. She gives Nina one more for free.
There are other things to do at the market, too. The Smiths like to listen to the live music. Sometimes they meet friends there. The farmers' market is a great place for families on a Saturday afternoon.

Questions to answer:
  1. What does Alex like to buy at the farmers' market? (They often say sweets and lemonade.)
  2. How many avocados does Nina have? (This math problem is tricky! NINE is the correct answer.)
  3. When do the Smiths like to visit the farmer's market? (The easiest question of the bunch, if they notice the word WHEN.)
  4. What would you like to do at the farmer's market? Explain your answer. (Some of my favorite answers: "I would like to be a worker. I could make money and talk to people." and "I would buy a fish.")

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